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About us 

Hello and welcome to Hitched in the Highlands!

We are a specialist wedding and event planning company dedicated to you and your great love story.

With over 10 years experience in managing and designing events of all shapes and sizes, our passion is to work with you to create the wedding you want and bring the magic to make it a truly unique and unforgettable experience
Located in Inverness, in the heart of the beautiful Highlands we collaborate with a carefully selected network of talented local professionals to deliver bespoke, breathtaking weddings and events - whether it's in the city or in romantic destinations further afield such as Glencoe, The Isle of Skye or wherever your imagination takes you!

Think romance. Think different. Think dramatic mountains, stunning beaches, historical castles, and more. Our backyard is filled with an endless supply of jaw dropping backdrops that will make your special day truly unique. Getting married in the beautiful Scottish Highlands is a dream of many… we can make your dream come true.

With our invaluable local knowledge of hidden-gem venues and locations, our network of contacts to provide everything you need to make your day truly yours, our years of experience and that sprinkle of magical expertise, we will ensure nothing is overlooked, making the planning process both fun and completely stress free for you.

If you are eloping in secret or with a few handpicked friends, or planning a wedding large or small, we can assist you as much or as little as required. Whatever you have in mind, with our creative vision, seamless planning process and perfect execution, you can trust us to deliver something truly unique, truly unforgettable and truly you.

Whether you are in the initial stages and feeling a little lost, or have found yourself in the final stages of planning and running out of time, Hitched in the Highlands can support you at any stage.

We love love. We want to help you tell your story in your style. We're all about beauty, elegance, personality and fun - bringing a dash of each to every event!

It's all about you

Your story, your style, your event...

Since your engagement you have more than likely found a new obsession with Pinterest and daydreaming about what your big day will look like.  But who’s going to bring it all together for you?  Something as beautiful and magical as that surely doesn’t just happen!? Where do you even start? That's where we come in.  With the average wedding taking up to 250 hours to plan (yes, 250, you read that correctly!) it's easy to see why wedding planners and stylists are no longer a luxury but instead the modern day couple’s essential and new best friend.


Everything about the Hitched in the Highlands experience is tailored to your needs. That’s exactly the kind of best friend you need. As seasoned producers of bespoke weddings and events, we can design a celebration that is an expression of you. A reflection of your character, your quirks, your style, and most importantly your love story. We translate these elements into an adventure that will be stored in the memory as a priceless treasure - not just for you, but for each and every guest.


And let us be clear, this is about YOU! It's your wedding journey. It’s your love story. And it’s our honour to play a part. It is our wholehearted mission to ensure that you have the most wonderful memories of this whole experience as possible, not just the day itself.


Let’s create an unforgettable experience, an adventure and a celebration that will leave magical memories lasting a lifetime.

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